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Aberdeen Ridge is designed for people who want to pursue physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being every day. We embrace a holistic approach to wellness, which means you have plenty of opportunities to take care of your body, stretch your mind, cultivate meaningful relationships, contribute to the community and nurture your spirit.

A variety of educational, recreational, cultural, intergenerational, social, spiritual and wellness programs make it easy for you to create a lifestyle that lets you thrive on your own terms. From PMMA’s award-winning Art Is Ageless® creative program and Just Ask Lifelong Learning Event Series to our own resident wellness and lifestyle programming model, our community is your partner for Peak Living.

Discover a multidimensional approach to total wellness with immersive, engaging experiences spanning seven core areas:

International Series

Experience a country or region of the world through activities such as food and wine tastings, music, guest presentations and resident traveler presentations.

Culinary Series

From wine tastings and brewery tours to ethnic dinners and cooking tips from our executive chef, there’s something to satisfy every taste.

Cultural Arts and Humanities Series

We explore the ways intellectual curiosity, artistic expression and continued learning enrich your life and stimulate your brain.

Entertainment  Series

From stage or screen, we pull back the curtain on great performances.

Sporting Series

We showcase local teams and national events, host festivities and tailgate parties, and encourage residents to connect over sports.

Health and Wellness Series

Our holistic approach integrates six dimensions of wellness — physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, creative and service — to improve your health and happiness.

Colorful Colorado Series

Experience an all-encompassing look at the many elements of our state. We get out and explore to take in the wondrous natural beauty of our surroundings

Download a brochure to discover how Purposeful Living at Aberdeen Ridge can enhance your lifestyle. To learn more about our community or schedule a visit, contact us us today.


I have really enjoyed the Balance and Stretching classes. Instructor Stacy Shay is experienced and clearly understands aging bodies. After 4 sessions so far, she is appropriately starting to ramp up stamina and range of movement. I'd love to see her class go weekly, at least while the weather is cold and we are still stuck in our homes more than usual. Weekly classes would give us more continuity and opportunity for progress. Thanks for offering this and Yoga. Both are wonderful!
I find the Gentle Balance and Stretch exercise class to be very valuable. I'm getting a good workout and I really like the instructor. Her pace is just right for me; in fact, she has picked up the pace from the first session, which suits me just fine. I have tried many other virtual classes this year since my Silver Sneakers classes shut down at my local gym, and have always been discouraged before. But this class works my body just right and gets my heart rate up, but not too much. I also value the social aspect as I get to know the other participants. It helps relieve my isolation. Please continue to offer this Zoom class. I would like to see it EVERY week!
The Friday stretch class is helpful for cardio, balance, and mobility improvements. Also, I love the weekly yoga class.
I just finished Stacy’s exercise class. She has a nice pace and way about her with clear explanations. Most enjoyable and I especially like meeting Aberdeenites.
I enjoyed the presentation about volcanoes in Antarctica. It was my first class with the Pillar Institute and all went well with the technology. I'll surely attend more Pillar classes.
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