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What is Peak Living?

What is Peak Living?

At Aberdeen Ridge, we believe retirement is a lot more than a calendar filled with basic activities. Instead, we think the foundation of a robust retirement includes a strong focus on senior wellness, discovering your passions and building meaningful social connections with your neighbors.

That’s why we created Peak Living. When you’re a resident in our senior living community, each day is filled with opportunities to take care of your body, enrich your mind, nurture your spirit and make new friends along the way. Read how this unique programming is letting our residents design their own retirement and thrive on their own terms.

Broaden Your Cultural Horizons

When you reflect on your life experiences, some of the most beautiful and meaningful moments occurred when you stepped outside of your comfort zone and experienced something new. Being exposed to different languages, sights, smells, people and new cultures is enlightening and exhilarating.

The International Series at Aberdeen Ridge is an adventure into the cultural richness, unique cuisine, history, arts and current events of countries and regions across the world. Whether it’s through activities like guest presentations, resident traveler presentations or food and wine tastings, our residents can open a door to different cultural experiences without ever leaving home.

Unlock Your Creativity and Intellect

There’s a large body of growing research that shows creative and educational activities can have profound impacts on your mental health. From processing challenging emotions to improving your self-esteem, exploring everything your intellect is capable of is an important part of senior wellness.

With the Cultural Arts and Humanities Series, residents have the chance to discover the many ways intellectual curiosity, artistic expression and continued learning can enrich their retirement. Ponder over the work of a professional artist, listen to beautiful music, discover your own artistic talents and more. At Aberdeen Ridge, you’ll always find new opportunities to engage your creative side.

Step Up Your Social Life

Did you know attending a sports game and identifying with a local team helps older adults feel less lonely and leads to a more satisfying social life? People who share a passion for the same sports team are ready to support their fellow fans on and off the field. Many studies also show you can learn new coping skills by working through negative emotions that come with a team loss, and gain self-confidence and a mood boost when they win.

The Sporting Series at our senior living community in Colorado Springs, CO, showcases local teams and national events like March Madness, the Kentucky Derby and the Super Bowl. We even have opening day celebrations and tailgate parties in our Peak Living playbook.

Discover the Benefits of Good Entertainment

Your favorite form of entertainment can provide incredible mental health benefits. Listening to music can improve your cognitive function, watching a movie can reduce stress, and watching or getting involved in the theater can improve your overall well-being. In fact, plays often encourage spirited debates that help you bond with your friends and family.

Whether center stage or on the silver screen, we’re pulling back the curtain on great performances at Aberdeen Ridge with the Entertainment Series. Gather your neighbors and attend special presentations on topics like opera and dance, enjoy an Oscars watch party, or discuss the latest blockbuster with a movie critic.

Feel More Connected with Food

Eating together makes you feel more connected to others, and studies show food tastes better when you’re eating it with friends and family. Plus, trying a new cuisine is a great way to break out of your usual dining routine.

Even though dining at our senior living community is an experience to look forward to every day, we take cuisine to the next level with the Culinary Series. Bring forth your inner foodie with activities and events like cooking tips from our executive chef, rich ethnic dinners, brewery tours and wine tastings. Join your neighbors as you enjoy delicious food, exquisite company and excellent conversation.

Boost Your Health and Wellness

Research on healthy aging shows older adults who embrace wellness as part of their routine receive significant health benefits. That’s because senior wellness doesn’t just keep you physically fit, it helps decrease and manage several health conditions, improves your mental health and encourages you to take a proactive role in maintaining your independence as you age.

At Aberdeen Ridge, the Health & Wellness Series provides residents with a blueprint for healthy aging. Our holistic approach to the six dimensions of wellness allows you to make conscious choices about your lifestyle to improve your overall well-being and reach your full potential throughout retirement.

Explore Colorado Like Never Before

With generous tax benefits for retired seniors, abundant outdoor activities and premier health care, it’s no wonder people across the United States choose to retire in Colorado.

That’s why our Peak Living program wouldn’t be complete without the Colorful Colorado Series, where our residents take an in-depth look at what makes our beautiful state so special. Dig into common and uncommon history, celebrate local artisans and craft menus inspired by locally sourced ingredients, or get out with your neighbors and experience the breathtaking natural beauty of our surroundings.

Learn How Peak Living at Aberdeen Ridge Can Take Your Retirement to New Heights

At our senior living community in Colorado Springs, CO, we have everything you need to have a remarkable retirement. To learn more about Peak PeakLiving or schedule a one-on-one visit with a member of our team, contact Aberdeen Ridge online or call us at 719-286-3014. We can’t wait to connect with you!