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What Is Assisted Living

As we get older, some of the activities that used to be simple and easy, like carrying bags of groceries or cooking a meal, can turn into difficult or overwhelming tasks. The first step is recognizing when you or a loved one could use a helping hand, and realizing that it’s OK to get help …

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What Are the Benefits of a Life Plan Community?

Colorado has so much to offer: natural beauty, lots of recreational opportunities, mild summers and beautiful winters. As part of your weekly routine of work and family, maintaining your home is something you just do. But once the kids are grown and starting families of their own and you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor, …

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Why Active Seniors Love Colorado Springs

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t have a season. For active seniors, a new season just means new activities to enjoy. That’s what makes Colorado Springs such a great place to retire. The city has a mild climate, plenty of things to enjoy all year round and vibrant entertainment and cultural options. So no matter your …

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Meet Your Neighbors

Senior women eating a nice dinner

Did you know the friendships we make at an older age have proven to be some of the most important relationships one can have in their lifetime? A senior living community is an ideal choice for someone that wants to insure they can enjoy life with friends. Have you heard the phrase: “Good friends make great neighbors”? It is true and you can bet that you will meet and become friends with some of the most dynamic, vibrant and caring people at Aberdeen Ridge and they will be your neighbors!  Read this article on the healing power of friendship

Loyalty Club & Referral Program


[noun] def. A strong feeling of support or allegiance

Congratulations on becoming a Charter Member with Aberdeen Ridge!  You are truly a visionary.  A visionary is one that can recognize how the intangibles of our future community will turn into much more than you could ever expect!  To us that is true loyalty!  Your loyalty deserves recognition, and that is why you will have an additional Charter Member Benefit of being a part of our new Loyalty Club!

Every month that you are a Charter Member, up until the date of occupancy you will earn a $150 credit for a single person or $200 credit for a couple to be used towards special amenities of the community such as spa services, guest room stays, pub purchases and guest meals.

In addition to the Loyalty Club, you will also be able to enjoy the perks of your loyalty with our Charter Member Referral Program.  They say that best friends make the best neighbors!  We couldn’t agree more.  If you refer a friend through June and they become a depositor in any of those months, you receive $1000 referral bonus!

Thank you to our Charter Members!  We are so excited to be on this amazing journey with you and can’t wait to experience all the fun things along the way!


I have really enjoyed the Balance and Stretching classes. Instructor Stacy Shay is experienced and clearly understands aging bodies. After 4 sessions so far, she is appropriately starting to ramp up stamina and range of movement. I'd love to see her class go weekly, at least while the weather is cold and we are still stuck in our homes more than usual. Weekly classes would give us more continuity and opportunity for progress. Thanks for offering this and Yoga. Both are wonderful!

Jonelle Neighbor

I find the Gentle Balance and Stretch exercise class to be very valuable. I'm getting a good workout and I really like the instructor. Her pace is just right for me; in fact, she has picked up the pace from the first session, which suits me just fine. I have tried many other virtual classes this year since my Silver Sneakers classes shut down at my local gym, and have always been discouraged before. But this class works my body just right and gets my heart rate up, but not too much. I also value the social aspect as I get to know the other participants. It helps relieve my isolation. Please continue to offer this Zoom class. I would like to see it EVERY week!

Linda Madden

The Friday stretch class is helpful for cardio, balance, and mobility improvements. Also, I love the weekly yoga class.

Beth Lindquist

I just finished Stacy’s exercise class. She has a nice pace and way about her with clear explanations. Most enjoyable and I especially like meeting Aberdeenites.

Joan Williams

I enjoyed the presentation about volcanoes in Antarctica. It was my first class with the Pillar Institute and all went well with the technology. I'll surely attend more Pillar classes.

Jonelle Neighbor

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