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How Senior Living Communities Ease the Transition for Older Adults

How Senior Living Communities Ease the Transition for Older Adults

Making the decision to move to a senior living community offering independent living is one of the most beneficial moves you can make to maintain and expand your independence, and live a happier, healthier life in retirement. But the transition to a senior living community can be challenging for both new residents and their families. Today, many communities take the transition period into careful consideration, providing many kinds of support to help reduce stress and improve the overall experience of moving to senior living.

A Personal Approach

Moving to a retirement community can sometimes feel a bit lonely in the beginning. Fortunately, many senior living communities offer individual support that’s tailored to each new resident’s personal circumstances and preferences. Through understanding each individual’s unique needs and goals, they’re able to tailor a transition plan for every new resident and their family to make the move as smooth and non-disruptive as possible. A dedicated team gets to know new residents from day one and are always available for new residents to lean on as they get accustomed to their new community home.

Opportunities to Familiarize

Moving to a senior living community full of vibrant activity from a longtime home can be overwhelming. But don’t worry – many communities have an orientation plan to familiarize new residents with the community and introduce them to their new neighbors. Resident ambassadors or welcoming committees commonly walk new residents through the community to show them around, explain procedures they’ll need to know, and answer any questions they might have. Some communities even have concierge services in which a team member is always on-call to field new resident questions. Visiting the community before you move in also helps alleviate the anxiety of moving to a new place and build excitement for how you’ll spend your days.

Personalizing Your Space

The more you can make your new residence feel like yours, the easier it will be to feel at home. New residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and personal belongings with them when they move. Filling a new home with family photos, artwork and interior decorations can transform a new residence into a warm, welcoming space that feels like home. Many communities offer move-in services to help you plan out your new space ahead of time and place all your larger items for you – further taking the stress out of moving and allowing you to focus on making your new home truly yours.

Getting Involved

The easiest way to smoothly transition to a senior living community is by engaging with fellow community residents and the wide variety of activities available. Many communities today  offer an array of educational, recreational, cultural, wellness and social programs to fill your days with joy. With weekly community events and activities for seniors to join, finding new friends is often easier than you might think. As a new resident, once you find an activity you’re passionate about, odds are you’ll also find people who share your interests and values and will make your transition all the more enjoyable.

Making the Move to Aberdeen Ridge

Moving to senior living is a big change. At Aberdeen Ridge, our goal is to provide an environment that provides peace of mind for the next great chapter in your life. To find a floor plan that’s perfect for you at Aberdeen Ridge, use our Floor Plan Fit Calculator tool, or learn more about us by contacting us through our website or calling us at 719-286-3014 to schedule a personal visit.