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We found our forever home where we’re still free to take flight.

We found our forever home where we’re still free to take flight.

Like many people in Colorado Springs, John and Carolyn Hawley are an Airforce family. “We’ve lived in 26 houses in 30 years, but soon we’ll be moving to Aberdeen Ridge.” said Carolyn. Here’s why.

“Fortunately, we’re in good health and very active. We hike, ski and golf. We love to travel.” explained John. “It would have been easy to think we were too young to move to a senior living community.”

“But we asked ourselves what really makes us happy now. What keeps us energized and looking forward to each morning? It’s not cleaning house, shoveling sidewalks and growing old in a big house. It’s being with friends, making new friends. Being free to do what we want when we want. To come and go as we please with no worry about leaving a house behind.”

And there’ll be so much opportunity for all of that at Aberdeen Ridge. “I think it’s going to feel like we’re on permanent vacation,” said Carolyn. “We feel so good about our decision that we told our dear friends and neighbors— Wayne and Peggy Carmack — about Aberdeen Ridge and they’ve decided to join us and gain all the benefits that come with Charter Membership.”

“Honestly,” John interjected, “it’s also the relief of knowing we’ll always be taken care of with the available on-site health care. It takes a burden off us and gives us the chance to continue to serve our neighbors and community.”

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