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What is Peak Living?

What is Peak Living?

“But I’ll be bored.” “What will I do there?” “I don’t want to just sit around.”

If that’s what comes to mind when you think about senior living, there’s good news for you. The professionals at today’s senior living communities know how vital it is to create an environment in which residents are staying active across multiple dimensions of wellness. Regularly engaging in physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, creative, and service activities helps older adults stay independent, be healthier and live happier.

That’s why we created Peak Living. It’s not just a standardized calendar of activities for seniors. It’s the foundation for a community environment that makes exploring new opportunities, discovering new interests and building new social connections an everyday occurrence.

Why It Matters

The Mather Institute defines wellness as “the pursuit of lifestyle balance and quality of life across a variety of domains, such as social, spiritual, physical, vocational, intellectual, and emotional wellness. Wellness can be attained by all people, regardless of age, medical conditions, or other circumstances. Wellness is a lifelong pursuit and is important even for those who feel satisfied with their well-being.”

Here are just a few examples of why living in an environment that promotes wellness through daily activities for seniors is so important:

  • Older adults who engage in physical activity on a regular basis have lower mortality rates, higher levels of functional and cognitive health, and are less likely to have heart disease or Type 2 diabetes.
  • An active social life is associated with better cardiovascular outcomes, greater immunity to infectious disease, less risk of depression, and a longer life.
  • Religious and spiritual involvement is associated with higher levels of well-being, lower rates of hypertension, fewer strokes, and less pain from illnesses.
  • Memory function in seniors is improved by regularly doing tasks that require active engagement and that are challenging – like learning a new skill.
Seniors enjoying wine and dinner together

About Peak Living

Peak Living connects your lifestyle with your interests. At Aberdeen Ridge, you’ll be able to participate in immersive and engaging experiences within seven core areas. It will be an evolving array of special programming built upon direct and ongoing resident input. Through monthly meetings, surveys and informal conversations, you’ll be able to shape what’s offered and ensure that Peak Living is continually infused with new ideas.

  • The International Series A robust foray into the cultural richness, unique cuisine, history, arts, and current events of countries and regions of the world. We experience it through food and wine tastings, music, guest presentations, resident traveler presentations, and more.
  • The Cultural Arts & Humanities Series We explore the ways intellectual curiosity, artistic expression and continued learning enrich your life and stimulate your brain — from appreciating the work of professional artists, musicians and actors to discovering your own talents.
  • The Sporting Series We showcase local teams and national events such as March Madness, the Kentucky Derby, and Super Bowl. Opening Day festivities, tailgating parties, and clubhouse views from local sports columnists are all in our playbook.
  • The Entertainment Series From stage or screen, we pull back the curtain on great performances. Discuss the latest hit film with a movie critic. Head to the theater for a musical or play. Attend presentations on opera and dance. Enjoy an Oscars watch party.
  • The Culinary Series From wine tastings and brewery tours to ethnic dinners and cooking tips from our executive chef, there’s something to satisfy every taste. Join us as we learn more about the food we eat, spiced with good company and good conversation.
  • Health & Wellness Series Perhaps nothing is as interconnected as one’s physical, social and emotional well-being. Our holistic approach integrates six dimensions of wellness — physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, creative, service — to improve your health and happiness.
  • The Colorful Colorado Series An all-encompassing look at the many elements of our state. We dig into the uncommon history to discover details often overlooked. We celebrate local artisans and craft menus inspired by the finest and freshest homegrown ingredients. We get out and explore to take in the wondrous natural beauty of our surroundings.

Life at Aberdeen Ridge won’t be boring – especially when you can help shape it. Learn more about the community life that will be possible here, and how you can be part of it.